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Cloud Infrastructure Management

Provisioning and configuring virtual machines, networks, and storage resources in the cloud. Managing and optimizing cloud infrastructure for scalability, performance, and availability. Conducting regular updates, patches, and maintenance activities on cloud resources. Implementing monitoring and alerting systems to ensure the health and performance of infrastructure components.

Cloud Monitoring & Management

Monitoring the performance, availability, and usage of cloud services. Setting up proactive monitoring and alerting mechanisms to detect and address issues promptly. Managing service-level agreements (SLAs) and ensuring compliance with agreed-upon performance metrics. Conducting capacity planning and resource optimization to meet changing demand.

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Cloud Application Management

Deploying and managing cloud-based applications, including configuration and version control. Automating application deployment and scaling processes. Managing application performance, availability, and troubleshooting. Conducting application testing, monitoring, and optimization for optimal performance.

Cloud Security Management

Implementing and managing security controls, access management, and identity and access management (IAM) policies. Monitoring and managing security incidents, threats, and vulnerabilities. Conducting regular security audits and compliance assessments. Managing encryption, key management, and other security measures for data protection.

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Cloud Incident Response & Troubleshooting

Responding to and resolving incidents affecting cloud services or infrastructure. Conducting root cause analysis and troubleshooting to identify and resolve issues. Implementing incident management processes and coordinating with relevant stakeholders. Maintaining incident response plans and conducting regular drills for preparedness.

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Cloud Governance & Compliance

Establishing and enforcing governance policies, guidelines, and best practices for cloud usage. Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards. Implementing access controls, identity management, and auditing mechanisms. Conducting regular compliance assessments and maintaining documentation.

Cloud Data Managment

Designing and implementing data storage and database solutions in the cloud. Ensuring data integrity, security, and backups in accordance with business requirements. Implementing data migration, replication, and synchronization processes. Optimizing data retrieval and processing for efficient performance.

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