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Brixio was founded in 2023, as the result of the visionary merger between ITFAQ (Dubai), Constelio (Singapore), and SourceWell (Philippines). This alliance marks the commencement of an exciting chapter in our story. We designed Brixio to redefine the way company buy and use IT services. The synergy between our teams was more than serendipity; it was a shared commitment to values and excellence.

Seamlessly aligned with our vision, we’re expanding services and geographical reach. Beyond software development, we now provide Managed Cloud Services, meeting evolving digital needs with strategic innovation for client satisfaction. At Brixio, we’ve elevated project management to an art form.

Our Design and Solution Architecture team, the backbone of successful planning, meticulously structures projects, laying the foundational “bricks” for success. This approach is not a rushed endeavor; it’s a thoughtful process to find the right solution tailored to each client’s unique requirements and budget—a true embodiment of our ‘bricks’ model.



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Mission: Architects of Innovation

What makes us special is not only developing tailor-made digital solutions, but ensuring that they keep pace with the ever-changing technological landscape. We’re architects, working tirelessly to keep your business applications running smoothly, strengthen your cybersecurity defenses and optimize your cloud infrastructure for optimum performance.

Collaboration: Empowered Workforce

Whether you prefer a hands-off approach, letting us take the lead and fully manage your solutions, or you’re looking to fill your technology gaps by integrating additional stacks into your environment, Brixio is your strategic partner. We aim to redefine the global Managed Services Provider role, propelling organizations into the boundless potential of future-ready cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity services.

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Philosophy: “The Bricks Model”

We think about Bricks as the essential services and products that you need to build a successful digital future. This approach allows you to pick and choose the specific services that align with your digital objectives. This way, you’re not locked into a rigid framework, but rather, you have the freedom to design, secure, and manage your future-proof digital landscape.

Few Key Metrics

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Our Values

The Brixio Difference

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Quality First

We adhere to the highest quality and best standards and norms in the industry, ensuring that our solutions are reliable, secure, scalable, future-proof and cost-effective.

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Flexible Model

We offer flexible engagement models to suit unique needs. Our clients can choose our level of involvement from fully managed services, time-based support, or outsourced talents.

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Operational Excellence

We strive to deliver quality and efficient services through continuous improvement and innovation. We built our own processes ensure on time delivery and within budget.

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People Oriented

Our team has a strong emphasis on supporting employees and customers, empowerment, transparency, positive work culture. We care about the well-being and development of all.


Collaborative Partnership Culture

At Brixio, our culture thrives on the essence of partnership. We believe in forging relationships that go beyond transactions, creating a collaborative ecosystem where ideas flourish and innovation flourishes. Whether within our teams or in collaboration with clients, our partnership culture emphasizes open communication, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to achieving collective success. Every interaction at Brixio is an opportunity to build lasting partnerships that transcend conventional business relationships, fostering an environment where everyone’s expertise contributes to a collective vision.


Upholding Standards for a Sustainable Future

At Brixio, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality of services.

Agile Methodologies
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