Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services

Enhance your cloud journey with 24/7 Managed Services, ensuring optimization, robust security, and strategic management for your IT infrastructure’s growth and transformation.

Simplify the complexities of Cloud Management

Elevate your digital infrastructure with our Cloud Managed Services. Seamlessly integrating cloud operations, security, and support, our comprehensive suite of services ensures optimal performance and reliability for your business.

Benefits of Brixio’s Cloud Managed Services


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Navigating Complex Cloud Environment

The main challenges for organisations

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Resource Sprawl and Integration

Efficiently managing an extensive array of cloud resources and service providers is crucial. Organizations face the challenge of integrating diverse cloud services and resources while ensuring cohesive and streamlined operations across their hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

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Security, Compliance, and Performance

Balancing data security and compliance with performance optimization is a significant challenge. Organizations must protect sensitive data and adhere to stringent regulatory standards without compromising on operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Operational Efficiency and Overhead

The complexity of cloud infrastructure management often leads to increased operational overhead. Organizations need to employ strategies that reduce complexity, enhance efficiency, and enable more agile and flexible IT infrastructure management.

Modernizing IT Operations

Transitioning to modern IT operations is vital for managing today’s complex, hybrid cloud infrastructures. Organizations need to adopt advanced tools and methodologies that enable seamless integration of infrastructure, data, and applications, fostering a resilient digital enterprise.

Embracing the Cloud Continuum

Organizations face the challenge of adapting to a rapidly evolving IT landscape as they transition from public cloud solutions to edge computing and various hybrid models. Streamlining the construction, management, and utilization of services across diverse cloud architectures is essential for modern enterprises. By adopting advanced cloud integration strategies, businesses can effectively coordinate and optimize their cloud resources, ensuring efficient and flexible operations across their IT infrastructure.


“Brixio’s Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services are designed to address these challenges head-on, offering solutions that help organizations stabilize, optimize, and manage their IT infrastructure. Our services are tailored to support your business’s pace, ensuring agility, flexibility, and a strong foundation for future growth and transformation.”

Geoffroy, CEO at Brixio


24/7 Support, Monitoring, Alerting

Continuous assistance and oversight for cloud systems, with immediate notifications of any issues.

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Cloud Operations

Day-to-day management of cloud resources to ensure they run smoothly and cost-effectively.

CI/CD Management

Automation of software development processes for faster and more reliable releases.


Collaboration between development and operations teams to streamline software delivery and deployment.

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FinOps Optimization

Cost management strategies to optimize spending on cloud services.

Performance Optimization

Fine-tuning cloud systems for maximum efficiency and reliability.


Ensuring adherence to regulatory and industry standards for data security and privacy.


Establishing and enforcing policies for effective cloud resource management and security.


Crafting Success together, Step by Step

We understand that every business has unique needs and aspirations for their cloud journey. Our Cloud Managed Services offer you the flexibility to tailor your plan, by picking and choosing from our comprehensive service “bricks”, each designed to enhance different facets of your cloud environment.


Service Selection

Clients explore our extensive catalogue of Cloud Managed Services, known as ‘service bricks’. Each brick represents a specific function or capability, allowing clients to choose exactly what they need—be it monitoring, security, compliance, or operational support—crafting a service package that’s as unique as their business.


Customization & Options

Once services are selected, clients can further tailor their package by specifying options such as the level of support, performance requirements, and additional features. Our team will work closely with clients to ensure each chosen service aligns with their application’s complexity and business logic.


Pricing & Performance Agreements

Based on the selected services and customization options, we provide transparent pricing, alongside clearly defined SLAs and KPIs. This step finalizes the commitment to performance, with set benchmarks for service delivery, ensuring that clients receive predictable, optimized, and measurable cloud management.


Harnessing the Power of Cloud for Digital Excellence

Explore our technologies stack, ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability for each steps of your project.

Brixio partners with leading Cloud Service Providers to deliver scalable and secure cloud solutions. Our portfolio includes AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, ensuring a wide range of options for infrastructure and services.


Our DevOps solutions accelerate and optimize your software delivery pipeline.


Stay ahead of system issues with Brixio’s Alerting & Monitoring tools.


Discover the ITSM possibility with Brixio

Succes Stories

The Brixio’s Portfolio

Dive deep into our Business Case to understand how we’ve overcome complex challenges and delivered tangible results for our clients.

Leading Diamond Company Global Learning Management System on Azure with China Access 

#Learning Management System

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Clarity in Every Query

You still have doubts and questions about Cloud Managed Services? We have the answers:

Managed Services go beyond reactive problem-solving. We adopt a proactive approach, identifying and addressing issues before they impact your business. This shift minimizes downtime and allows for strategic planning to align technology with your business goals.

Our pricing is transparent. We have standardized our offer, calculation will be related to the number of applications installed, the services options, level of support, and complexity of your infrastructure.

Our support team operates with a sense of urgency. We aim for swift response times, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly. We operate globally and in 24/7, with dedicated experts, trained and updated to all our specific project and client’s requirements.

It’s one of the main goals. Our flexible engagement models allow you to scale your Managed Services plan according to the changing needs of your business. Our engagement is also to plan with you the evolutions upfront, we’ll proactively your Cloud capacity and support.

We ensure there are no hidden costs. You will have the ownership of your Cloud environment and we will cap the costs for you. Our billing structure is clear and comprehensive, detailing all the services provided. Any changes to the cost structure are communicated in advance, giving you full visibility and control over your expenditure.


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