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A Strategic Integration of Cloudflare WAF Across Global Operations

Enhanced Web Security


The Client stands as a titan in the wines and spirits industry, managing an impressive array of global brands and e-commerce platforms. Facing the dual challenge of escalating cyber threats and the necessity to protect its widespread online presence, Pernod Ricard sought a robust solution. The company’s ambitious goal was to implement a comprehensive Web Application Firewall (WAF) strategy to shield its diverse web infrastructure, ensuring unparalleled security without compromising on user experience or operational efficiency.


“Integrating a WAF solution across extensive and web ecosystem presented a unique set of challenges. These included ensuring seamless compatibility with multiple cloud environments”


Our comprehensive analysis of security requirements led to a customized Cloudflare WAF integration plan. This strategy not only provided advanced protection through Cloudflare’s global network but also ensured compliance with critical data protection standards like GDPR.
web applications protected
99 .9%
Achieved WAF uptime
24 /7
Real-time monitoring and incident response
months time to market

months, encompassing analysis, integration, testing, deployment, and optimization phases.


After a thorough analysis of the client’s unique digital requirements and industry-specific challenges, Brixio proposed a state-of-the-art solution:

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Real-time Threat Intelligence

Utilizes Cloudflare’s vast data pool to proactively identify and counter emerging threats.

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Customized WAF Rules

Specifically designed to meet client’s unique business and security needs.

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Global Network Utilization

Leverages Cloudflare’s extensive network for distributed protection.

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24/7 Monitoring and Incident Response

Ensures constant vigilance and rapid response capabilities.

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GDPR Compliance

Adheres to stringent data protection standards.

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Seamless Integration

Compatibility with diverse hosting environments and platforms.

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Continuous Rule Optimization

Adapts protections to counter new and evolving threats.

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Comprehensive IT Team Training

Empowers Client’s team with the knowledge to manage ongoing WAF operations effectively.

Key benefits of the proposed solution include

Brixio - Global Picto
Enhanced cybersecurity

posture across all digital assets.

Brixio - Project based Picto

with international data protection regulations.

Brixio - Loop Picto
Minimal impact

on web performance and user experience.

Brixio - Planning Picto
Strengthened defense

against a broad spectrum of cyber threats.

Implementation & Methodology

The objective was clear: enhance the ERP system’s security without sacrificing usability. By prioritizing rapid deployment and efficient integration, we aimed to provide a solution that was both effective and minimally intrusive to Brixio’s daily operations.

Step 1


Engaged in detailed consultations and strategic planning to customize the Cloudflare WAF setup, aligning with client’s specific infrastructure needs and categorizing their websites for a phased approach. 

Step 2


Achieved seamless integration of Cloudflare WAF within Pernod Ricard’s diverse web ecosystem, ensuring compatibility across various hosting environments and website categories. 

Step 3


Developed and applied bespoke WAF rule configurations, addressing the distinct security requirements and operational nuances of Pernod Ricard’s varied web categories, including e-commerce platforms. 

Step 4


Conducted an extensive testing phase for each website category, verifying that WAF configurations effectively safeguarded against threats without disrupting legitimate user interactions or business functionalities. 

Step 5


Executed a structured, wave-based deployment of the WAF solution, starting with less critical web categories and progressing to more sensitive ones, ensuring each category’s stability and security before moving to the next. 

Step 6


Implemented round-the-clock monitoring to promptly identify and neutralize potential threats, with a specific focus on monitoring each website category for targeted threat patterns and vulnerabilities. 

Step 7


Continually refined WAF rules for each website category, adapting to new and evolving threats, and incorporating feedback from ongoing security analyses to enhance protection. 

Step 8


Scheduled regular, category-specific review meetings with Pernod Ricard to evaluate WAF effectiveness, discuss insights from recent threat landscapes, and plan any necessary rule or strategy adjustments. 


Technologies we used

brixio Cloudflare

” This partnership with Brixio for the Cloudflare WAF integration has significantly elevated our cybersecurity defenses. The proactive approach and tailored solutions have ensured our global web presence remains secure, without compromising on performance “

Head of CyberSecurity
Beverages Group

Brixio’s Insights

Working on thiscase presented a unique set of challenges and learning opportunities. The complexity of their global web infrastructure required a customized approach to web security, which was both challenging and rewarding. It’s a testament to our team’s expertise and dedication.

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