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Leading Diamond Company Global Learning Management System on Azure with China Access 

Azure Infrastructure setup for Global LMS Solution


Our Client is a leading diamond company, required a robust and scalable Learning Management System (LMS) accessible to its global workforce, including employees in China. This presented a challenge due to the Great Firewall of China’s restrictions. The project aimed to establish a secure and reliable LMS infrastructure on Microsoft Azure to address this need.

” The client faced significant challenges in managing a consistent digital presence across diverse global markets. “


The solution seamlessly enables global access to the company’s Learning Management System (LMS), including in China, by leveraging Azure’s scalable infrastructure, ensuring adaptability to future user and data growth while implementing failover mechanisms. Furthermore, a multi-layered security approach has been implemented to safeguard sensitive learning materials, addressing accessibility challenges posed by internet restrictions in China.

3 M
Project duration
4500 +
users on the LMS platform
25 +
locations accessing the platform

Solution Implementation Strategy

Azure Cloud Adoption: The entire LMS infrastructure was deployed on Microsoft Azure, leveraging its global reach and scalability.

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Azure App Service

Hosted the LMS application, providing a scalable and serverless environment. 

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Azure Service Plan

Managed the resources allocated to the App Service for optimal performance.

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Azure SQL Databases

Stored LMS data securely and efficiently.

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Azure Failover Groups

Ensured high availability of the LMS in case of regional outages. 

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Cloudflare WAF

Provided an additional layer of security by filtering malicious traffic at the network edge. 

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Storage Accounts

Stored application data and LMS content securely.

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Azure DevOps

Streamlined the development and deployment process for the LMS application. 

Third-Party Development and Integration & China Access Strategy


The LMS application itself was developed by a third party using the .NET framework and Docker containerization for efficient deployment.

To overcome the Great Firewall restrictions, a combination of techniques could be employed, such as:

  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs): Caching LMS content within China can improve access speed and reliability.
  • Cloud-based Proxies: Routing LMS traffic through secure proxies located in China can bypass firewall limitations.

Implementation & Methodology



Identified security requirements, threats, and compliance needs. 



Securely integrated Azure services with the LMS application



Implemented access controls, encryption, and other security measures. 



Rigorously tested the security posture of the entire infrastructure. 



Securely deployed the LMS environment to Azure. 



Continuously monitored the system for security threats and vulnerabilities. 



Regularly reviewed and optimized security configurations.



Conducted periodic security audits to ensure ongoing adherence to best practices. 

Lesson Learned

  • Planning for Regional Restrictions: Early consideration of internet restrictions in specific regions (like China) is crucial for a successful global deployment.
  • Security is Paramount: A layered security approach with Azure and Cloudflare safeguards sensitive data and protects against cyber threats.
  • Collaboration is Key: Effective communication and collaboration between De Beers, the development team, and the cloud infrastructure provider ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Scalability is Essential: Building the infrastructure with scalability in mind allows for future growth and accommodates an expanding user base

Technologies we used

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