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Artificial Intelligence

Since Alan Turing theorised artificial intelligence (AI) in the 1950s, humans have been enraptured by the possibility of computers capable of independent thought. Even when computers were the size of rooms, the idea of AI soon took hold in the public consciousness through popular culture. Whether it was Droids in Star Wars or Simulants in Blade Runner, you didn’t have to look far for a futuristic vision of humanity living side-by-side with artificial intelligence.

Fast-forward to today and AI is no longer just the stuff of science fiction but part of everyday life. Whether people realise it or not, AI programs influence the media they consume, the purchases they make, and, ultimately, how they view the world.

And that’s just the beginning! Today we take you on a journey to the near future, to the year 2075. 

We’ll take a look at a typical day in the life of Adam: a man in his thirties living in a modern European city, who lives with his advanced AI assistant program called MrAI (My responsive AI).


June 17th, 2075

“Good morning, Adam. It’s 7:45am on June 17th, how are you feeling this morning?”
asks MrAI.

– “I’m doing great MrAI, what about…” – I once again stop short of asking MrAI how he is, out of habit.

– “Ha-ha, you were about to ask me how I was again weren’t you?”, jokes MrAI in response.

– “Indeed, I was, MrAI.” He caught me again: he knew what I was going to say. Though – I say “he”, I guess should say “it”;

MrAI is my virtual assistant: in simple terms, an AI program that assists me in every area of my life. I use MrAI for my work, personal projects I’m working on, social life, health – you name it. I primarily access MrAI through a console I wear around my wrist – which leads my nephew, to believe MrAI “lives” in the wristband – but he’s more like an artificial intelligence network.

As well as my wristband console, MrAI has access to any device that can be connected to the internet. But these days, IoT is, well…everything! MrAI has all access from my home entertainment and security system to my home appliances, water, lighting and AC, jumping between them like some kind of digital spirit.

– “No change in the weather situation from yesterday, Adam,” says MrAI, “it’ll be a nice 28 degrees out, minimal cloud – a great fit for your lunch at the park with your sister.”

– “Excellent,” I reply, as I walk towards my bathroom.

MrAI already program the shower at the ideal temperature when I step into it. Last year, I added to him a Clothes Selection Program, connected to my calendar and the weather, nothing very complicated, but it saves me a lot of time every morning.

*RiiiING* My freshly-cooked breakfast has just been delivered.

– “Mmmh…, smells good, MrAI, what did you get me?”

– “2 scrambled eggs, with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, and avocado; something pretty filling, but will leave you starving by the time you get to the picnic.”

– “Good thinking MrAI”. At the moment, MrAI is instructed to “surprise me” when it comes to breakfast: so, I have no idea what I’m going to eat in the morning until I open the front door. But as MrAI knows all my likes, dislikes, allergies, etc., I’m guaranteed to like whatever he chooses.

I have younger colleagues that tease me – call me an old fogie – for ordering food instead of having my AI just print them, but I can’t get my head around these food printers. I guess it tastes OK but I just don’t understand how that counts as food – maybe I am too old!



When I was a child, I barely remember my parents leaving the house for work. But they’ve also told me before I was born, that they travelled to work every day! As for myself, I very rarely go into work. I tend to only on certain occasions, for really important presentations at work or social event. But for the majority of meetings, presentations, reviews, etc – I meet with my colleagues and superiors in virtual spaces.

The rest of the time, I simply work at home and MrAI is very instrumental in my workday. I work as a 3D architect designer, it is quite a popular profession for people of my generation, and I specialise in creating large 3D environments. I develop 3D landscapes by using holographic immersion software. Currently I am designing a valley for a virtual hiking environment for an exercise app.

– “Ok, MrAI, let’s go on this mountain range I drew yesterday, try to cover the rocks with a deep green moss, about 60% of the surface”

– “Like this?” asks MrAI, bringing the environment to life.

– “Hmm, make the white of the rocks a little…dirtier.”

– “More like this then.”

– “Yes, just what I had in mind.”

I’m working with my colleague Evelyn on this environment, so I need to ask where what she’s thinking on the trees.

– “Evelyn?” Merely saying her name causes MrAI to activate a holo-call via the Integrated Multichannel Home Communication Platform.

Evelyn is projected into the front room from the cameras in my ceiling. “Hey, what’s up?”

– “What do you think? Shall we get oak trees or fir trees?”

– “Hmm I’d say fir trees, it’ll be easier for the olfactory team, they had problems last time with the synthetic smells of oak trees. See you later!” replied Evelyn, disappearing from the room as quickly as she appeared. My parents, and other people from their generation, have told me that as well as travelling to work 5 days a week or more, they sat next to their colleagues all day and met clients and customers in person. That sounds crazy to me! How would you ever get any work done?

Sometimes I disconnect MrAI to imagine how people lived in the past. But for work, it is almost impossible, using MrAI is also a health matter. I integrated MrAI with a basic Health Tracking System. He is connected to my vital signs in real time, via the wristband, and helps me to optimise my energy according to the goals and priorities of my day. When you’re busy with work, it’s extremely easy to forget to eat or hydrate. Without MrAI, I will feel like I’m driving an autonomous car without a battery meter.

– “It’s time for a snack Adam, may I recommend orange juice?”



At MrAI’s, suggestion, I pour myself a glass of orange juice and place the freshly-empty glass bottle on the countertop.

– “Shall I order another bottle now, or add it to the weekly order list” asked MrAI, seeing the bottle through the home surveillance system.

– “Add to the list please,” I reply, taking a sip.

When it comes to food, I like to be aware of what is in my fridge. That’s why I often order manually. Of course, I have an Automated Food Management Program, connected with MrAI. I mainly use it for inventory management, recipe recommendations, … and I confess, I have a smart contract for weekly basic wholesale fulfilment, with the local food lab co-op. I subscribed to the basic level of this program, most families today have no idea what’s in the fridge. They are the ones that MrAI will order, program the food processor, as well as for some of them, the food printers… I’m a bit old school when it comes to food, my grandmother was a great cook and I like to keep her secrets alive.

– “The company that makes the brand of juice you like just released a blood orange variation, want to give it a go?

– “Sure! That sounds pretty good.”

It reminded me of what we call “retro-TV” (where programs came on at a fixed schedule instead of you being able to watch what you wanted), you’d have to sit through random ads for things may not care about. Ads are not anymore intrusive as in the past, and we call it “AI suggestion”. MrAI can provide any kind of product and services recommendation based on my habits, and I can control the frequency and content via MrAI Central Privacy and Preferences Panel.



– “Is Eva in the metro yet?” I am very close to my sister Eva, our MrAIs are synchronized, with “family members” access, that’s why I can reach her Real-time Geolocation System.

– “She is leaving her home right now; she will reach the parc at 12:38PM” replies MrAI.

As most of the places I need to go are within walking or cycling range, I only have to travel via motor vehicle a few times a week at most – mainly for my social life. But for occasions I need to travel, MrAI is indispensable. I don’t like to wait, so I uploaded the latest Multi-Transportation GPS App, comparing public transport, carpool services, electric scooters, bicycles, as well as walking.

– “What’s the quickest way to reach the park?”

– “I recommend the Self-driving Car-pooling Service. A car can be at your door in 6min and you will reach the park in 21min. The cost is 5$, this car is carrying already 2 guests.”

– “Perfect I will take that”

Of course, MrAI joins me in this journey. I will not deny it, it would be complicated to leave it at home. In addition to the bracelet, I took the headset option, for mobility. At least it’s discreet. MrAI can play my music, podcasts, audiobooks, …



– “At the next junction, turn right, Eva will be on the left side in a bench”

 I spot Eva. Damn, she’s got her evil holographic glasses on again. She is definitely addicted to her MrAI, she is continuously connected. She speaks to it, and asks for advices, they act like best friends. It makes her look like a fool, talking to herself on her bench.

 – “Eva…, can you see me, I am here!”

– “Hi Adam” says Eva, “Hi Adam” repeats her MrAI,

– “Oh please …”

 – “It’s okay, I got it, MrAi, turn off the picture and sound please” says Eva reluctantly.

 – “You know how I feel about people talking to their AI in public! If I wanted digital, I would have meet you online”



Unlike many others my age, I don’t spend a lot of time online in my free time. While I used to love video games and metaverses when I was a kid – and especially as a teen – I prefer to spend my free time in the physical world. I like painting, cooking and I practice several sports.

MrAI is an excellent help in pursuing my interests and suggesting ones I might try. MrAI uses machine learning algorithms, based on my daily habits, interests and interactions to suggest activities, experiences, destinations.

– “Adam, I found a match” 

MrAI is excellent for matchmaking. I didn’t suggest any matching criteria to the integrated Dating Application, I just left my status as “Open for a date” and MrAI is selecting profiles and cross checking them social media for me.  

– “Don’t tell me anything” 

Personally, I think that takes the fun and mystery out of getting to know someone – and I prefer to keep this part as organic as possible. I will invite her to the museum of 2020’s. Let’s see her reaction.



– “One, two, three, one, two, three… “

Almost every day, I do about an hour of sport in my simulator. Today, it’s kayaking! Focusing on the goals I set in my Training Application, and my physical condition, MrAI recommends a sport program. He will even, based on my state of mind, suggest solo or team challenges, by connecting the simulator with other online athletes.

Then, I will mostly read books on my tablet, or watch old 3D movies (I like the old school one, with the red and blue glasses). However, as I get closer to my bedtime, MrAI decreases the amount of light, both on screens and inside my house, so I can fall asleep faster. Better still, MrAI will monitor my sleep and analyse the best sleeping conditions. He can set the optimal level of light, humidity and temperature. Through trial and error, MrAI even discovered that some sounds help me fall asleep. Against all expectations, the sounds of old manual vacuum cleaners would somehow facilitate my sleep.

– “Have a good night, Adam”

– “See you tomorrow MrAI”



When it comes to AI, the question isn’t if the above scenario is a reality, but when? Will the world look like this in 2075, or far sooner?  

Are you ready for an AI-driven future? It’s happening soon!

Let’s imagine now the digital solutions of the Future.

Artificial Intelligence

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