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Securing ERP with Cloudflare Access: A Brixio Case Study

Achieving Rapid Deployment and Uncompromised Security


Brixio, us, excels in delivering digital services tailored to modern business needs. We conducted internally the Cloud migration and enhanced the security of our ERP system. Brixio sought a solution that balanced stringent security with user accessibility. Our objective was to shield the system from unauthorized access without hindering the efficiency of legitimate operations.


“The main technical hurdle was integrating a secure access control layer that did not compromise the user experience. This involved creating a seamless authentication process aligned with Brixio’s IT infrastructure, while ensuring comprehensive protection”


A thorough assessment pinpointed the optimal strategy for integrating Cloudflare Access with our ERP. By deploying Cloudflare Access, we established a fortified entry point requiring stringent user authentication, seamlessly integrated with Azure AD to utilize existing credentials. This approach, bolstered by detailed policy configuration and vigilant monitoring, ensured only authorized users gained system access.
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After a thorough analysis of the client’s unique digital requirements and industry-specific challenges, Brixio proposed a state-of-the-art solution:

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Secure Authentication Gateway

Utilizes Cloudflare Access to create a robust authentication point, ensuring only verified users can access the ERP.

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Azure AD Integration

Streamlines user authentication by integrating with existing Azure AD credentials, enhancing security without complicating the login process.

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Authentication Policies

Tailors access control with specific authentication policies within Cloudflare, customizing who can access the ERP system.

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Monitoring and Logging

Employs advanced logging and monitoring within Cloudflare to oversee access attempts and identify potential unauthorized access.

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Rapid Deployment

The entire system was implemented within a single day, highlighting the solution’s ease of integration.

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User Training

Offers comprehensive training for Brixio’s IT team, enabling efficient management and oversight of the new security measures.

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Feedback Loop

Incorporates a mechanism for collecting user feedback post-implementation, allowing for continuous refinement of the access experience.

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Security Optimization

Leverages Cloudflare’s advanced features like WARP to further enhance the security posture without impacting user accessibility.

Key benefits of the proposed solution include

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Enhanced Security

Significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized ERP access, protecting critical business data.

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Scalable Solution

Offers a flexible framework that can be adapted and scaled to meet future security requirements and challenges.

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Reduced Operational Risk

By eliminating security incidents post-implementation, the solution ensures uninterrupted business operations.

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Rapid Implementation

Demonstrates the solution’s swift deployment capability, ensuring security enhancements are implemented efficiently.

Implementation & Methodology

The objective was clear: enhance the ERP system’s security without sacrificing usability. By prioritizing rapid deployment and efficient integration, we aimed to provide a solution that was both effective and minimally intrusive to Brixio’s daily operations.

Step 1

Needs Assessment and Planning

  • Evaluated Brixio’s current ERP system, identifying specific security vulnerabilities and operational requirements.
  • Developed a tailored integration strategy that would leverage Cloudflare Access and Azure AD to meet Brixio’s security needs.
Step 2

Cloudflare Access Configuration

  • Set up Cloudflare Access, configuring it to act as a secure gateway for all ERP system access attempts.
  • Defined strict access rules to ensure that only authenticated users could reach the ERP system.
Step 3

Azure AD Integration

  • Seamlessly integrated Azure AD with Cloudflare Access, enabling users to authenticate with their existing corporate credentials.
  • Tested the integration thoroughly to ensure compatibility and smooth user experience.
Step 4

Policy Setup and Enforcement

  • Configured detailed access policies within Cloudflare, specifying which users could access the ERP system based on their role and credentials.
  • Utilized Cloudflare’s WARP feature to enhance the security and performance of connections.
Step 5

User Onboarding and Training

  • Implemented an onboarding process for all users, educating them on the new authentication system.
  • Provided detailed documentation and live training sessions for Brixio’s workforce to familiarize them with the new access protocol.
Step 6

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Established a comprehensive monitoring system within Cloudflare to track access attempts, both authorized and unauthorized.
  • Set up alerting mechanisms to notify the IT team of any suspicious activities, ensuring prompt response to potential threats.
Step 7

Continuous Feedback and Optimization

  • After the deployment, initiated a feedback loop with users to gather insights on their experience with the new system.
  • Analyzed feedback and system performance data to make continuous improvements, optimizing both security and user experience.
Step 8

Final Testing and Launch

  • Conducted extensive testing to validate the security, functionality, and user experience of the integrated system.
  • Officially launched the enhanced security system, marking a significant milestone in Brixio’s digital transformation journey

Technologies we used

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” Leading the Cloudflare Access and Azure AD integration from within Brixio has been an exceptional journey. This project turned us into our own client, offering a rare glimpse into the client experience from initiation to post-implementation support. The dual perspective was incredibly beneficial, allowing us to refine our approach to project management, user experience, and client communication. The immediate advantage was the rapid deployment and enhanced security of our ERP system, but the longer-term benefits extended far beyond. This project served as a powerful internal case study on the importance of empathy in client service and the continuous support required to not just meet but exceed client expectations. The insights gained from this experience have become a cornerstone of our project management philosophy, ensuring that every client project is handled with the same level of care and understanding as we would our own.”

Project Manager at Brixio

Brixio’s Insights

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