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Custom-Sizing Algorythm automation with CRM Integration

Seamless User Experience Through Digital Transformation


The client is a French company specializes in manufacturing of fan coils, unit heaters, radiant panels and air handling units, with over 30 years of experience. In the HVAC market (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), their specialty is to perform the sizing of their products according to customer requests, in addition to an existing product catalog. ​The client wanted to modernize their sales and technical operations, transitioning from traditional Excel-based complex dimensioning algorithms to a digital platform. This digital transformation aimed at integrating a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with their product sizing algorithms to boost operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.


“Digitize and integrate complex dimensioning algorithms into a new CRM system, requiring custom software developement and integration of various APIs for data synchronization and management.”


The solution entailed a detailed analysis and digitization of complex dimensioning algorithms, followed by the development of a custom CRM tailored to their unique business processes. API integration was crucial for database and CRM synchronization. The project also included comprehensive staff training programs, coupled with ongoing technical support and system enhancements.
85 %
user adoption rate

within the first quarter post-implementation

90 %
increase in data accuracy

with real-time updates

50 %

in Enquiries Response Time

18 %
months time to maket

from initial consultation to full system integration and optimization


After a thorough analysis of the client’s unique digital requirements and industry-specific challenges, Brixio proposed a state-of-the-art solution:

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Custom CRM Development

Tailored CRM solution to fit Sabiana’s specific business needs, ensuring efficient data management and customer interaction.

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Algorithm Digitization

Conversion of complex HVAC sizing algorithms for digital use, allowing for more accurate and faster customer service.

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API Integration

Seamless connection between database and the CRM system, enabling real-time data access and updates.

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Automated Workflows

Improved process efficiency through the automation of routine tasks, significantly reducing manual workload.

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Data Accuracy

Enhanced data accuracy with real-time updates, minimizing errors in customer service and product sizing

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Staff Training Programs

Comprehensive training for Sabiana’s team to ensure successful adoption and utilization of the new CRM system.

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Ongoing Technical Support

Continuous support and system enhancements to adapt to evolving business needs and technological advancements.

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Performance Monitoring

Constant monitoring of the CRM system to detect and resolve issues promptly, ensuring optimal performance.

Key benefits of the proposed solution include

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Streamlined sales and technical processes, significantly reducing time and effort required for HVAC sizing and customer management.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction:

Faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries and needs, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

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Increased Data Accuracy

Real-time data updates and automated workflows minimize the potential for errors, ensuring reliability in customer interactions and product offerings.

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Scalable Solution

The digital platform and CRM system are designed to grow with Sabiana, accommodating future expansions and market demands.

Implementation & Methodology

The implementation of digital transformation followed a meticulous methodology:

Step 1


Engaged stakeholders in comprehensive planning for a CRM solution tailored to needs.

Step 2


Established connectivity between existing databases and the new CRM through API integration.

Step 3


Customized the CRM to reflect Sabiana’s business logic and workflows accurately.

Step 4


Conducted thorough testing to ensure the new system enhanced business operations without causing disruptions.

Step 5


Implemented a staged rollout, continuously monitoring for system stability and performance.

Step 6


Instituted round-the-clock system monitoring for immediate threat detection and resolution.

Step 7


Regularly updated the system to address emerging threats and adapt to changing business needs.

Step 8


Held periodic assessments with Sabiana to refine CRM performance and functionality.


Technologies we used


“Transitioning from traditional, manual processes to an integrated, digital CRM platform was a daunting task, but Brixio’s expertise made this transition seamless and effective.
The custom CRM system, tailored specifically to our complex HVAC sizing and sales operations, has not only streamlined our workflows but has also brought about a paradigm shift in how we approach customer engagement and service delivery. his transformation has positioned us as a front-runner in the HVAC industry, setting new standards for innovation and customer focus. We are incredibly proud of the results and grateful for the partnership with Brixio, whose dedication, innovative solutions, and unwavering support have been pivotal in achieving these outcomes.”

Production Manager

Brixio’s Insights

The opportunity to spearhead the modernization of Client’s e-commerce platform was a challenge we embraced with great enthusiasm. This project demanded a deep dive into the latest technologies and strategies to ensure not just an upgrade in system performance but also a stringent adherence to GDPR compliance.

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