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Diversification, Content Agility, and SEO Challenges


The firm, a global leader in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, has been at the forefront of providing critical energy solutions for over 30 years. Serving sectors like energy, transport, and infrastructure, they ensure uninterrupted operations in high-stakes environments. The client faced challenges in conveying their complex product portfolio across diverse industries, maintaining content agility, expanding their global reach while preserving brand consistency, and enhancing their SEO performance. Without a unified digital solution, their competitive edge and ability to effectively engage with clients were at risk.


“The client struggled with simplifying their technical product details for diverse industries, maintaining agile content updates, ensuring consistent brand messaging across languages, and boosting SEO performance.”


The solution comprised intuitive design to enhance user experience, a powerful CMS for dynamic content management, SEO optimization with customizable slugs for better visibility, and multilingual support to expand global reach without compromising brand integrity.
30 %
Increase in User Engagement

Increase by 30% within the first year post-launch.

1 st
SEO Rank

Achieve first-page status for targeted keywords within six months.

50 %
Time saved

Reduce content management time by 50%.

5 +

Cater to 5+ languages, broadening market access.


The digital portal boasted a suite of features aimed at maximizing impact and usability:

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Sophisticated User Interface

A user interface tailored to reflect the firm’s industrial ethos, enhancing user engagement.

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CMS Integration

Facilitates swift and efficient updates, allowing the client to manage content dynamically.

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Advanced SEO Tools

Customizable features to improve search rankings and visibility.

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Multilingual Management

Ensures accessibility to a global audience, maintaining brand consistency.

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Comprehensive Analytics

Enables ongoing analysis of user engagement and behavior for continuous optimization.

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Staff Training Programs

Equips internal teams with the knowledge and tools needed for effective platform management.

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Ensures the platform’s performance is continually tuned for optimal results.

Key benefits of the proposed solution include

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Streamlined Content Management

The CMS streamlined content updates and management processes.

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Enhanced Global Reach

Multilingual support effectively expanded the firm’s market access.

Brixio - Loop Picto
Improved SEO Performance

Improved online visibility attracted more prospective clients.

Brixio - Planning Picto
nified Brand Messaging

Consistent communication across all digital platforms solidified the brand’s market position.

Implementation & Methodology

The journey to digital transformation was methodical, involving several critical steps:

Step 1

UX / UI Design

The platform’s design was meticulously tailored to mirror the brand’s ethos.

Step 2

CMS Deployment

The CMS enabled the client’s autonomy in content management.

Step 3

SEO Strategy Implementation

Strategic SEO practices were employed to boost online visibility.

Step 4

Multilingual Integration

Expanded the firm’s reach without compromising brand integrity.

Step 5

Iterative User Testing

Essential for refining the user experience.

Step 6

Analytics Setup

Provided valuable insights for ongoing platform optimization.

Step 7

Staff Training

Empowered the internal team to effectively utilize the new system.

Step 8

Launch & Monitoring

The platform was closely monitored post-launch to ensure it met performance expectations


Technologies we used

“We were seeking a solution to streamline our complex product portfolio while enhancing our global visibility. Brixio came in with an intuitive design not only improved user experience but also made it easier for us to convey technical product details to diverse audiences. With Strapi, we gained the agility to update content seamlessly, ensuring our messaging stayed fresh and relevant. The multilingual support allowed us to expand our reach without diluting our brand identity. Thanks to Brixio, we’ve strengthened our competitive edge and enhanced our ability to engage with clients worldwide.”

Marketing Director
French Manufacturer

Brixio’s Insights

Navigating through the complexities of digitizing a highly technical product offering was challenging but deeply rewarding. This project highlights our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive significant value for our clients.

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