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Workers’ Council E-Commerce: A Modernization Saga

Achieving Peak Performance and Unparalleled Compliance Standards


Our client, operates a pioneering e-commerce platform dedicated to workers’ councils, facilitating access to a diverse array of products and services specifically designed to enrich employee welfare. Confronted with the imperative to modernize their technological infrastructure, the platform faced challenges including outdated components, potential security vulnerabilities, and the urgent need to comply with the stringent GDPR guidelines. The absence of an updated system threatened not only the operational efficiency and security of the platform but also its ability to safeguard sensitive user data, thereby jeopardizing customer trust and platform integrity.


“The principal technical challenge revolved around overhauling the platform’s echnology stack without disrupting the user experience. This encompassed updating critical software components, migrating to cloud, and instituting data protection measures.”


The strategy was to revamp the platform with upgraded PHP and MySQL for security. Migrating to MySQL consolidated databases, boosting efficiency. Transitioning from IaaS to Azure PaaS simplified infrastructure, ensuring scalability. GDPR-aligned data anonymization techniques safeguarded privacy. Rigorous testing ensured enhanced performance and compliance.
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After a thorough analysis of the client’s unique digital requirements and industry-specific challenges, Brixio proposed a state-of-the-art solution:

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Technology Stack Update
  • PHP Update: From 7.2 and 5.8 to 8.1 
  • MySQL Update: From 5.6 to 8.0 
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Database Migration

Simplified database infrastructure, enhancing performance.

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IaaS to PaaS Transition

Optimized scalability and minimized management overhead by shifting to Azure PaaS.

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GDPR Compliance

Ensured data privacy through automated data anonymization scripts

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On-Demand Testing Environments

Streamlined development with flexible, independent testing capabilities.

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Continuous Monitoring

Implemented round-the-clock monitoring for enhanced security and performance.

Key benefits of the proposed solution include

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Enhanced security and compliance

with the latest technological standards.

Brixio - Project based Picto
Improved platform performance

and user experience.

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Increased scalability

and infrastructure management efficiency.

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Strengthened data privacy

and GDPR compliance.

Implementation & Methodology

The pathway to modernizing an e-commerce platform like this involves a carefully curated set of steps, each pivotal in navigating towards a modern, scalable, and compliant system:

Step 1

Technology Stack Upgrade

Upgrade PHP and MySQL to the latest versions for enhanced performance and security features.

Step 2

Database Consolidation

Migrate the backend database from MS SQL to MySQL to streamline data management and improve efficiency.

Step 3

Infrastructure Transition to PaaS

Shift from IaaS to Azure PaaS to capitalize on scalability, reduce management complexity, and lower overhead costs.

Step 4

GDPR Compliance through Data Anonymization

Implement automated scripts for data anonymization in test environments to comply with GDPR, ensuring data privacy and protection.

Step 5

Establishment of On-Demand Testing Environments

Enable the creation of test environments on-demand, enhancing the efficiency of testing processes and development cycles.

Step 6

Continuous Monitoring and Security Measures

Implement continuous monitoring solutions to ensure the application’s security, performance, and reliability are maintained at all times.


Technologies we used


” Our partnership with Brixio has been transformative. The modernization of our e-commerce platform has propelled us into a new era of efficiency, security, and compliance. This journey, while complex, was made seamless through Brixio’s expert guidance, innovative solutions, and unwavering support. The tangible improvements in our platform’s performance and the heightened level of trust among our users speak volumes of the meticulous planning and execution by the Brixio team. We are now better positioned than ever to serve our users, thanks to a platform that’s not just compliant with GDPR but also primed for future growth and challenges.”

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Brixio’s Insights

The opportunity to spearhead the modernization of the e-commerce platform was a challenge we embraced with great enthusiasm. This project demanded a deep dive into the latest technologies and strategies to ensure not just an upgrade in system performance but also a stringent adherence to GDPR compliance.

Elevate your e-commerce platform to new heights with Brixio’s expert modernization solutions. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your technology infrastructure for enhanced performance, security, and compliance.

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