Construction Chemicals

Reinventing Digital Presence for Global Industrial Leader

Seamless Global Integration with a Custom Website Factory


Our client is a distinguished subsidiary within a global leader in construction chemicals, renowned for pioneering sustainable construction solutions in over 100 countries, with a focus on enhancing material performance and project specificity through a large range of digital services.

” The client faced significant challenges in managing a consistent digital presence across diverse global markets. “


The necessity for a robust platform that could integrate seamlessly with their internal Product Information Management (PIM) system, offer multilingual support, and facilitate the creation of specific sites for different countries, events, and products was paramount.
20 +
websites developed
blocks in the PIM library accross 3 themes
100 +
days to initial launch
countries supported with 10 languages


After a thorough analysis of the client’s unique digital requirements and industry-specific challenges, Brixio proposed a state-of-the-art solution:

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Development of a WordPress-based website factory

This allowed for scalable, customizable web solutions tailored to the client’s diverse needs.

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Integration with PIMCore

To streamline product information management across platforms, ensuring data consistency and quality.

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Custom Plugin Development

For seamless PIM data import and integration, guaranteeing up-to-date information across all digital assets.

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Multilingual Support with WPML

Catering to the client’s global audience, ensuring language is no barrier to accessing information.

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Custom Download Basket for Technical Documents

Enhancing user experience by providing easy access to essential resources.

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Robust Security Measures

Including Sonarqube scans for OWASP compliance, ensuring the platform’s integrity and user data protection.

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Ongoing Maintenance and Global User Support

Guaranteeing the solution’s reliability, performance, and user satisfaction over time.

Key benefits of the proposed solution include

Brixio - Global Picto

Streamlined digital presence across various global markets.

Brixio - Project based Picto

Enhanced user interaction and experience.

Brixio - Loop Picto

Consistent brand identity and compliance with global standards.

Brixio - Planning Picto

Efficient management of digital assets and product information.

Implementation & Methodology


Step 1

Analysis Evaluated the Client’s global digital requirements and the specific needs of different markets.


Step 2

Development Crafted a scalable website factory with custom themes and plugins on WordPress.


Step 3

Integration Connected the digital platform with The Client’s PIM system for seamless data management.


Step 4

Optimization Enhanced search functionality and user experience, ensuring the platform’s global reach.


Step 5

Security Implemented rigorous security protocols, including OWASP compliance checks.


Step 6

Launch Deployed the solution across various regions, ensuring consistency and brand alignment.


Step 7

Training Provided training and support to The Client’s global teams, enhancing platform adoption.


Step 8

Maintenance Established ongoing maintenance and support processes, ensuring long-term platform health.


Technologies we used


“As a project manager at the website factory, I’ve witnessed firsthand the seamless execution and exceptional results delivered by our team. From inception to deployment, every aspect of our projects is meticulously handled, resulting in websites that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Our dedication to innovation and client satisfaction sets us apart in the industry, making us the go-to choice for website development projects of any scale.”

Chief Digital Officer at Brixio

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