Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery has been appointed as CEO of Brixio

Goeffroy Morgan de Rivery New CEO
Brixio unveils the appointment of Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery as CEO of Brixio, following Strategic Merger and Global Expansion. With a landmark merger in 2023, Brixio sharpens its global competitive edge under dynamic new leadership. Dubai, UAE — April 03,2024

In a decisive move, Brixio announces Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery as its new Chief Executive Officer. He takes the reins from Farid Seddar, the majority shareholder who will continue as Chairman of the Brixio Group. This leadership transition is part of the unification of Brixio Dubai with Constelio and SourceWell, crafting a cohesive Brixio Group.

The merger propels Brixio into a new phase, intensifying its focus on IT Staff Augmentation, Cloud Managed Services, and Application Services. This underscores Brixio’s unwavering commitment to providing adaptable, cost-effective, and secure offshore IT services throughout Western Europe and the Gulf region. Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery envisions positioning Brixio as a leader in IT service excellence, utilizing a strategic partnership with Cloudflare to elevate our technological capabilities to new heights.


About Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery

Geoffroy’s track record is marked by a pragmatic approach to business growth and technological integration. His inception of SourceWell and Constelio demonstrated a strong aptitude for developing efficient operational strategies. In a previous leadership role, he expanded a French IT firm’s operation, significantly boosting its annual revenue and proving his capacity for strategic planning and execution. Geoffroy’s practical experience in elevating partnerships and operations makes him well-suited to guide Brixio through its continued expansion and innovation efforts.


“Stepping into this new role, my dedication to providing top-tier offshore IT resources has never been stronger. The demand for highly skilled IT professionals has reached unprecedented levels, particularly in Cloud and Cybersecurity.

Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery
“I am genuinely excited about the boom of artificial intelligence which presents us an opportunity to refine our processes, enhance efficiency, and meet our clients’ needs for cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or security.”
Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery
, CEO at Brixio

“We are poised to propel Brixio forward with an unwavering focus on innovation, enriching our customers’ experiences through strategic expansion, and establishing our position as leaders in the industry.

Our alliance with Cloudflare harnesses their remarkable momentum and suite of services. This echoes my previous successful strategies in the French market.. Leveraging the forefront of Edge computing technology, we offer services that are not only more efficient but also bolster security.

Our approach isn’t about reinvention. It’s about offering reliable, flexible IT services that prioritize quality, strengthen cybersecurity, and ensure compliance. And to top it off – the cherry on the cake – we optimize costs for our clients.”

– stated Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery.

“With Geoffroy stepping in, we’re ushering in a period of strategic focus and excellence in operations, solidifying our promise for outstanding service delivery.”
Farid Seddar
, Chairman of Brixio

The merger consolidates Brixio’s presence in the market. Brixio grants access to a vast talent pool with the establishment of a new Global Operations Center in Manila. Under Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery’s leadership, the company aims to navigate through the changing currents of the IT and cloud landscapes. Brixio is embracing both innovative and secure practices that prioritize sustainability and customer satisfaction.

For more details on Brixio’s strategic direction or to arrange a dialogue with Geoffroy Morgan de Rivery, please reach out to us : [email protected].


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