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Benefits of Brixio’s IT Talents Services


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International HR Processes Background check ups Fast access to skills
4000 +
Qualified profiles in our Pool
12 %
of request filled in 2 days
20 +
countries operating
14 days
average time to find matching talents
Navigating Staffing Solutions

The main challenges of IT Staffing

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Skill Shortages

Companies often face challenges in sourcing IT professionals with specific, advanced skill sets.

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Rapidly scaling IT teams to meet project demands without compromising quality is a common hurdle.

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Integration and Culture

Ensuring that augmented staff seamlessly integrate with existing teams and adhere to company culture poses another challenge.


“IT Ressources are not rare; but the best and reliable ones are diamonds.“

Lauriane, Director IT Staff Augmentation at Brixio

Crafting Success together

Our suite of services is designed to propel your business forward, addressing critical needs with precision and expertise. Whether you’re navigating the competitive landscape, embarking on new projects, or seeking to augment your capabilities, we are your strategic partner in success.

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IT Staff Augmentation

Enhance your capabilities with additional resources for your team

When ? Ideal for project-specific needs, this service provides additional support and expertise to tackle workload peaks, tight deadlines, or specific skill requirements. Benefit from flexible resourcing, tailored solutions, and seamless project integration.

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Employer of Record (EOR)

Streamline your operations by outsourcing specific functions of your IT.

When ? Perfect for businesses looking to focus on core functions while leveraging external expertise. Our outsourcing services include finding the talents and handling all HR and Admin task according to the country of employment, and overall operational efficiency.

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Success Based Recruitment

Effortlessly access top talent with our Success Based Recruitment.

When ? Ideal for businesses seeking to fill specific roles or build a robust team. We handle candidate sourcing, background and technical screening and negociations. We guarantee quality with a performance-oriented model where compensation is based on successful hiring.

Talent Pool

Harnessing Diverse Skills

At Brixio, our internal structure is a testament to the depth and breadth of our expertise.

Each vertical—from innovative design to robust applications, from secure cloud operations to cutting-edge cybersecurity, and from dedicated Cloudflare services to rigorous quality assurance—reflects our specialized teams.

Business Analyst
Solutions Architect
UI/UX Designer
Graphic Designer
System Integration Specialist
Information Architecture Expert
MicroServices Architect
Technical PM
Front End Developer
Mobile Developer
Full Stack Developer
Back end Developer
Application Security Specialist
Middleware Developer
API Developer
IT Architect
Cloud Ops Manager
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Site Reliability Engineer
Database Administrator
DevOps Engineer
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Cloud Engineer
Brixio - Communication Picto
NOC Manager
NOC Specialist
Technical Account Manager
Customer Success Manager
Implementation Engineer
Cloudflare Support Engineer
Delivery Manager
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QA engineer
Brixio - Process Picto
Performance Testing Engineer
Brixio - Project based Picto
Release Manager
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Automation Testing Specialist
How It Works

The Stages of our Recruitment Pipeline

By implementing an exhaustive recruiting pipeline within your ATS, you can effectively manage every stage of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates to onboarding new hires, while maintaining consistency, efficiency, and compliance with relevant regulations.


Job Requisition Creation

  • Define job requirements, responsibilities, and qualifications.
  • Obtain necessary approvals for the job opening.

Job Posting

  • Distribute job postings across various channels such as company website, job boards, social media, and professional networks.
  • Ensure consistent branding and messaging across all platforms.

Candidate Sourcing

  • Proactively search for potential candidates through various methods, including sourcing from databases, networking, and referrals.
  • Engage in passive candidate outreach.

Candidate Screening

  • Review incoming applications and resumes.
  • Conduct initial screenings to assess candidate qualifications and fit for the role.
  • Use pre-screening questionnaires or assessments to further evaluate candidates.

Phone/Video Interview

  • Conduct phone or video interviews with qualified candidates to assess communication skills, cultural fit, and job-related competencies.
  • Shortlist candidates for further evaluation

In-Person Interview

  • Coordinate and schedule in-person interviews with hiring managers and team members.
  • Conduct structured interviews to assess candidate suitability and potential for success.
  • Gather feedback from interviewers.

Technical Assessment

  • Administer skill assessments, technical tests, or personality assessments as necessary to evaluate candidate competencies.
  • Review assessment results and integrate findings into the evaluation process.

Reference Checking

  • Verify candidate references to validate qualifications, work experience, and character.
  • Gather insights into candidates’ past performance and suitability for the role.

Background Checks

  • Conduct background checks to verify employment history, education credentials, criminal records, and other relevant information.
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Final Interview

  • Arrange final interviews with key stakeholders or decision-makers.
  • Discuss final candidate considerations and potential offers.

Offer Extension

  • Extend job offers to selected candidates, including details on compensation, benefits, and start date.
  • Negotiate terms as needed.

Offer Acceptance/Rejection

  • Track candidate responses to job offers.
  • Handle negotiations or counteroffers.
  • Document reasons for candidate acceptances or rejections.


  • Facilitate the onboarding process for new hires.
  • Coordinate paperwork, training, and orientation activities.
  • Ensure a smooth transition into the organization.

Post-Hire Follow-Up

  • Conduct post-hire surveys or check-ins to gather feedback on the recruitment process and candidate experience.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the recruiting pipeline and identify areas for improvement.
Our Clients

The Brixio’s Portfolio

Dive deep into our Business Case to understand how we’ve overcome complex challenges and delivered tangible results for our clients.

A Strategic Integration of Cloudflare WAF Across Global Operations


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Digital Transformation in UPS Manufacturer

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Leading Diamond Company Global Learning Management System on Azure with China Access 

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Development of a Construction Project Management Tool for a Major Retail Group

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Web Factory for Global Construction Chemicals Leader

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Clarity in Every Query

Our collaborative approach, guarantees the success of your project. Let’s build something extraordinary together!

By strategically identifying and acquiring top talent, businesses can reduce turnover costs, enhance productivity, and ensure that every hire contributes directly to organizational goals, helping saving time and energy, making it a cost-effective investment.

We have plans for that; If it’s a perfect match and employee is willing, we have recruitment plan, and off-boarding period. Our strategies are designed to be business-oriented and flexible. If a candidate proves to be an excellent fit, transitioning them to a full-time role is possible.

Engagement durations can be tailored to your business needs. Whether you require short-term solutions for specific roles or a more extended engagement for comprehensive workforce planning, our services are flexible to align with your unique requirements.

Performance monitoring is integrated into our services, with key performance indicators (KPIs) established based on your business goals. Regular assessments, feedback loops, and data-driven insights ensure ongoing performance optimization.

We believe in transparent cost structures, detailing all services provided. Any additional costs are communicated in advance, ensuring clarity and control. We have offers with hourly, daily, or monthly rates. For outsourcing we can provide yearly contract with all-inclusive packages, or a pay-at-cost model, with cost breakdown and schedule.


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